YouTube Mobile

YouTube Mobile (Pocket PC) 2.4.4

Carry every YouTube video in your pocket


  • Very easy-to-use interface
  • Useful search tool with auto-suggest
  • Access to your subscriptions and favorites


  • Lacks lots of YouTube functionality
  • No settings menu


YouTube Mobile can no longer be downloaded. You can still use YouTube on your device by selecting the Web app version.

YouTube Mobile is a free application that provides you with quick access to clips from the World's most popular video site.

Of course, you can already access YouTube from your Windows Mobile web browser, but the official YouTube Mobile app makes browsing and playing videos a much more comfortable experience.

The home page of YouTube Mobile is very simple. It contains a large search bar, which auto-suggests what you might be looking for as you type. The page also features a Browse Videos button, which gives you shortcuts to the Top Rated, Most Viewed and Most Recent videos.

When browsing the search results page, YouTube Mobile performs in a much more user-friendly way than it does if you're viewing YouTube in your phone's browser. Each video is given its own thumbnail and description, which you can cycle through using the left and right arrows.

The video player in the YouTube Mobile application is also kept simple. Open a video and it will load full screen in horizontal mode. Tap the video as it plays and the playback console appears, allowing you to pause, fast forward and rewind the clip, as well as adjust the volume.

YouTube Mobile allows you to sign into your account and access your videos, along with your favorites, subscriptions and playlists. Unfortunately, YouTube Mobile is still missing some key features of the site, however. For instance, it doesn't let you upload video, edit you profile, or even quickly share videos via social networks.

Nevertheless, this official YouTube Mobile app offers the best way to enjoy YouTube videos on your Windows Mobile device.

YouTube Mobile


YouTube Mobile (Pocket PC) 2.4.4

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